3/9/2023 drywall finish around bathtub shower stall
Put wood shims on cinder block columns to raise to height of floor joists and hammered in with pressure
2/24/2023 all water leaks repaired, shower and bath walls installed, show faucet installed
2 nd leak found at cold water line to clothes washer hook ups, repaired , foam insulation sprayed to fill hole in wall to crawl space 2/21/23
Broken cold water line to clothes washer
New 3/4” connection to main water line, gator bit fitting
New 3/4” elbow to main water line to street under livingroom in middle of big window close against front wall of house
Imposible rusted 60 year old pipe loosened by the miracle working power of the Holy Spirit!
Rusted main water line, holes where leaks are
Cut hole above water leak under house in living room
Cut weak flooring also will use for access to repair water leak under livingroom

2/15/2023 -Found new leak under house

– entry floor in livingroom is soft, flexible, probably partially rotted

Right panel
Back wall installed
2/15/2023 additional insulation in exterior bathroom wall
2/14/2023 New bathtub installed, drain and over flow pipe connected
New insulation in bathroom exterior wall next to bathtub
New shower faucet installed

Drain floor opening sealed under new bathtub 2/8/2023


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